What search terms should I use?

You can search for a particular surname or clan name. Sometimes individual clans have a museum and heritage centre which could be a good place to start. Place names might also be a good starting point as many providers are focussed around a particular town or village. You might also get lucky searching for historical events which also might be a focus for a provider. If you get stuck then let us know.

The search terms I use don’t reveal any providers…

We are building our network of providers all the time. We monitor search terms and use these to find new museums and heritage centres to add to our collection. Send us an email and we will do what we can to help.

Why am I charged for messages?

Remember that you are paying for a service, in this case local expertise. When you send a message our providers will have a look at your profile and give you valuable advice. Even if they can’t help you directly you might be able to eliminate false lead from your search or get some tips about where else to search. Remember that it’s only the first message to each new provider that costs 20 credits. Subsequent messages are charged at 5 credits.

Can providers undertake any other services?

If a provider thinks that they can help you (after looking at your profile) then they can offer you an in-depth search of their records. This is likely to cost around 200 credits (this may vary on the provider). Providers will indicate what the search will include and when you might receive the results.

How long will it take for a provider to reply?

Remember that many of our providers are small, locally run centres. Often they don’t have the budget for full time staff. So you will rarely get an immediate response. When you message a provider they will get an email informing them. Here at myancestralscotland HQ we monitor the site closely and if we see unanswered messages building up then we will alert the provider.

What if I don’t have any details on my ancestors?

If your information is really limited then we might not be the best place to start. Did you know that there is a website called scotlandspeople where you can search a national database for births, marriages and deaths amongst other archives. Once you have more information then come back to us, we’d love to be a part of your family history adventure.

Can I visit providers?

All providers will give information on their opening times alongside entry fees and their location. We recommend giving providers plenty of notice if you are going to visit. Some of them can offer personalised tours or at least make sure there is a member of staff on duty that can help.

How much information should I include on my ancestors?

Our providers are like detectives, and the more evidence you can give them the better. The ‘add documents’ function for each ancestors allows you to add further information like birth certificates, photos, family trees or even scanned documents like letters.

How many ancestors can I add?

If you are a generation collector then add the lot. Records pre-dating the mid-18th century are rare but fascinating if you have them. Again, it helps the provider build up a more accurate picture, it might be good when messaging a provider to tell them if you have an interest in a specific individual.

Where can I find out more about your Privacy Policy?

You can have a look at our Privacy Policy by following the link at the bottom of our About page.

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